About the
VELOREX company


According to the World Bank, more than 1.6 billion adults have no access to current, savings, or mobile money provider accounts.

The Velorex ATM network will allow anyone with a free cryptocurrency wallet to trade cash for a variety of digital tokens by interacting directly with decentralized exchanges. People that have been unable to store their cash safely now have a new option to buy and store digital currencies easily and quickly from our decentralized ATM network. This could dramatically change the financial capabilities of the 'unbanked' populations across the globe.

Please read our investors whitepaper for technical details and information about how the Velorex company plans to grow their products and services.We highly recommend following our Telegram channel for live updates and to be able to connect with our team.

Investors whitepaper



Q2 2021 - today

• Launch of Smart Contract & presale.
• CertiK audit & Skynet
• VelorexTech company incorporation
• First marketing round
• Listing on first CEX
• Global community and support channels
• Founding of Velorex Members Club
• Received prototype ATM hardware
• Beta testing of the Velorex ATM Software

In progress

Happening now

• Completion of the prototype ATM & software
• NFT launch
• Official release of first DApp
• Major development announcements
• Employment of team members
• Initiating partnerships & collaborations
• Research and development of Smart Wallet
• Release of preliminary ATM order form
• Booking plots at Crypto conventions


Today onwards

• Visit fairs and crypto conventions to present ATM
• Big marketing campaigns
• Seed funding round 1
• Partnership announcements
• Preparation for commercial software release
• Opening orders for ATM
• Commercial release of the software
• First ATM roll-out to selected locations
• Deployment of documentation and support systems
• Smart Wallet integration to ATM
• Design and planning for manufacturing native Velorex ATM


There are a range of opportunities to invest in the Velorex project. One of the most popular ways is by purchasing our utility token from the 'Swap' section and storing it in a smart wallet.