The Worlds 1st DeFi ATM

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Velorex is a European cryptocurrency startup that is developing the worlds first decentralized ATM.

The Velorex system will be owned and operated by individuals spread across a node-like network.

Individuals will provide liquidity and offer a ‘Cash for Crypto’ or ‘Crypto for Cash’ exchange.
Purchase an ATM, install it in a high traffic area and earn commission from every transaction!
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This is the first dATM in the world and we're proud to present a demo video of our tech in action.
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Own an ATM and get paid for every trade!

If you host an ATM on the Velorex network you'll be directly rewarded with a small commission that's charged on every trade on your ATM. Configure your commission rates and track how much you've earned in your administration panel

We designed our machine to be as easy as possible to use - within a matter of seconds you can purchase any token and have it sent directly to your smart wallet.

You can also send tokens to the ATM and receive cash from the dispenser.

We're also making a smart wallet!

Start managing your own funds. Send and receive currency instantly, anywhere in the world all from the palm of your hand.
Velorex (VEX) token is a BEP20 token that's deflationary and will be embedded into the ATM system. Every purchase or sale of any token using our machine will incur a minuscule internal tax to the end-user.

This tax is used to buy Velorex tokens and permanently remove them from the supply by sending them to a 'dead address'.

The liquidity pool will grow as tokens are bought and 'burned'.
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And to tie everything together...

Physical & Virtual Spending Cards

What's the point of having funds in your wallet if you can't spend it easily? That's why Velorex is developing a payment system using virtual and physical spending cards that convert your tokens directly into local  spendable currency at the point of sale!

See how it works..

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According to the World Bank, more than 1.6 billion adults have no access to current, savings, or mobile money provider accounts.

The Velorex ATM network will allow anyone with a free cryptocurrency wallet to trade cash for a variety of digital tokens by interacting directly with decentralized exchanges.

People that have been unable to store their cash safely now have a new option to buy and store digital currencies easily and quickly from our decentralized ATM network.

This could dramatically change the financial capabilities of the 'unbanked' populations across the globe.
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Become a part of the future of finance now.

The future is Velorex.

Are you an investor?

There are a range of opportunities to invest in the Velorex project. One of the most popular ways is by purchasing our utility token from the 'Swap' section and storing it in a smart wallet.
Please read our investors whitepaper for technical details and information about how the Velorex company plans to grow their products and services.

We highly recommend following our Telegram channel for live updates and to be able to connect with our team.
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